Your Elder Law Immersion Year

We’ve created a year of education that you can view at your own pace, or on the schedule we have set out. Each course will be made available on your own personal web page with links to each webinar, most of which are less than an hour. We’ll also add the date and time of each Accountability, Coaching and Training (ACT) call so you won’t miss this valuable opportunity to share your progress and get support in any area you need it.

Month 1 and 2: Pre-Camp
Entering Elder Law From the Ground Floor 3 Part Series
Basic Office Set-Up / The 5 Things Your Elder Law Practice Needs!
Pre-Camp Call: What Do Expect and What do You Want to Accomplish the Next 12 Months?

Month 2: Camp
Attend 3-Day Elder Law Immersion Camp

Month 3: Post-Camp Self Study and Suggested Timeline Post-Camp
What Do You Want to Accomplish the Next 11 Months?
Draft Your First Medicaid Asset Protection Letter
Accountability Coaching Training Call (ACT) #1: Drafting a Medicaid Asset Protection Letter
Pricing the MAPL
ACT #2: Designing a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust

Month 4
Draft Your First Medicaid Asset Protection Trust
ACT Call #3: Review Your Medicaid Asset Protection Trust (MAPT) 
ACT Call #4: Coaching – Getting Unstuck
Pricing the MAPT

Month 5
Who is Your Client?
Getting the Work Done
The Acronym Call
Communicating with the Nursing Home When a Client is Medicaid Pending

Month 6
Who are Your Best Referral Sources?
What Happens When Your Client Goes to the Hospital While on Medicaid?
Why Discharge Planners Should Be Your Best Friend
Your Marketing Budget
Office Hours #1 (Live Call)

Month 7
Refresher on Crisis Planning Strategies
Getting the Help You Need (Canvassing Your Office)
How to Vet a Veterans' Case
An Introduction to Veterans Benefits

Month 8
What is a Law Practice Brand?
Office Hours #2 (Live Call)
Is it Time to Hire More Help?
Guardianship Overview

Month 9
A Proactive Planning Refresher: The Asset Protection Package
Communicating Asset Protection to Seniors and their Families
Trust Funding
Office Hours #3 (Live Call)

Month 10
Revisiting Your Pricing
Creating Co-Counsel Relationship
Are You Capable of Handling Capacity Issues?
Is the Work Getting Done? Revisiting Your Workflow

Month 11
Evaluating Your Referral Sources
The Next Best Place to Get Business – Creating Elder Law Month in Your Community
Office Hours #4 (Live Call)

Month 12
Best Resources for Getting Your Legal Questions Answered
Office Hours #5 (Live Call)