We Help Attorneys Who Are Dedicated to Serving Seniors, Persons With Disabilities and Veterans

ElderCounsel helps elder law, special needs planning and veterans pension planning attorneys better serve their clients. We provide a document drafting system, education, support, and practice building resources. Our member attorneys are more knowledgeable, efficient, and profitable.

I Am An Experienced Elder Law Attorney

Experienced elder law attorneys are the heart and soul of ElderCounsel. ElderCounsel was founded by four of the top elder law attorneys in the country: Michael Amoruso, Howie Krooks, Lou Pierro and Vincent Russo. Through their valuable contributions, and those of our experienced members, we have created the best document assembly program ElderDocx® for elder law, special needs planning and veterans pension planning attorneys. We also provide some of the best education, marketing support, and office management support you can find!

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I Am Transitioning To Elder Law

We have everything you need to add this valuable area to your practice! We realize it is not easy, so we’ve designed your first several months to make sure you have all the legal technical knowledge you need, plus the practice-building support to make you successful!

If you’re an estate planning attorney, be sure to click “Learn More” as we have a number of tools to help you transition easily into this area.

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Can I Add Elder Law To My Practice?

YES! Our population is aging rapidly and attorneys who are passionate about helping seniors and their loved ones are in high demand. Through our education and support, we have helped numerous litigators, estate planning attorneys, family law attorneys and more add elder law to their practice successfully. We have a very deliberate and proven process for doing so.


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I Don't Know Why I'm Here

If you have a passion for helping aging adults and their loved ones, persons with disabilities, or wartime veterans, then you are in the right place.  ElderCounsel was started to provide support to those already practicing in the areas of elder law, special needs planning and veterans benefits planning, and for those attorneys interested in learning these areas. 

Each of our founders currently practices in these areas and many of our staff have had personal experience in one or all of these areas.  We hope you’ll spend a little time here getting to know us better, and to consider adding elder law, special needs planning or veterans pension planning to your practice.  It is one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Michael Amoruso large firm service at a small firm price

Will I have enough time?

Learning a new area certainly takes an investment of time. We understand that when you choose to take on a new area, whether it is elder law, special needs planning, veterans pension planning or all three, you want to know that you can get up to speed quickly. We have a proven set of educational programs. All of our training programs are labeled our “Immersion Camps” as they focus on one practice area and make sure you learn the law and how to apply it quickly. We provide ongoing support to keep you on the cutting edge of the law, and to make sure you are giving clients the best possible service.

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Do I have enough staff?

Many attorneys start out with a staff of one – the attorney. The important thing is to find the practice area you love and to get started.

We are here to help with your practice development, as we understand the staffing – including finding, hiring, and training staff – is a common struggle faced by attorneys of all practice types and all experience levels. The first step is to determine what type of practice you want. While that may sound simple, in our experience many attorneys don’t consider this before beginning to take clients. Soon, the type of clients that happen to call dictate the type of practice the attorney has. We’d like to help you design and build the type of practice you want.  

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Can I learn elder law?

Absolutely! It will be one of the most rewarding decisions you make. We have numerous programs to get you up to speed quickly, starting with our “Entering Elder Law From the Ground Floor” self-study courses, to our “Elder Law Immersion and Practice Building Camp” – a program that has trained hundreds of attorneys to become knowledgeable and profitable elder law attorneys.

We don’t stop there – after the Immersion Camp you will spend 4 weeks implementing what you learned by drafting documents and reviewing them with an instructor, and by getting continued coaching from one of the top attorney coaches in the country. These courses are open to members only, and attendance is limited to ensure each attendee gets the best possible experience. If you have any questions about our education offerings, please email info@eldercounsel.com.

Will you be there to support me?

Our members answer this question best:

“Thank you for making me look good and for always answering the questions I run into while I am drafting, no matter how simple they are. I really couldn’t do this without the support I get through ElderCounsel. "

Stephanie Edwards
Edwards Elder Law, P.A.
St. Petersburg, FL

“One thing I appreciate about ElderCounsel is you want me to practice law right and succeed! You are not just selling a product. I also appreciate the fact that ElderCounsel stays on the cutting edge of the law – you understand and incorporate new law immediately. This is invaluable for a solo practitioner.”

Nick Shimoda
Dothan, Alabama


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