Why Elder Law?

Whitepaper: eBook How to Find Success as an Elder Law AttorneyWhat is the Benefit of Adding Elder Law to My Practice?

Adding elder law to an existing practice can be highly profitable and rewarding. There are 10,000 people in America turning 65 everyday. That’s a huge potential market.

You now have the ability to effectively serve your aging client base without making a large investment in additional staff. Your only investment is the time it takes to learn ways to serve your aging population now, before a crisis hits. We call this Proactive Planning.



"What is Elder Law?" Resources

Entering Elder Law from the
Ground Floor

This self-guided program is designed for ElderCounsel members that want to build a solid foundation in the elder law practice area. Whether you are new to elder law, training a staff member or planning to attend our next Immersion Camp, this program will provide the solid legal knowledge and practice strategy to get you ramped up.

Elder Law Immersion Program

Attend our popular Elder Law Immersion Camp with some of the most experienced instructors and take a deep dive into Medicaid planning and other areas of elder law. We focus on legal technical knowledge and then drill down to crisis and proactive planning all while guiding attorneys on how to best-fit elder law into their practice and build a successful roadmap.


The benefits of choosing elder law as a practice area are numerous and include::

  • Increased revenue
  • Minimize the number of cases referred out
  • Reduce stress and increase case satisfaction


At ElderCounsel, Member Value is a Core Value: By being responsive, relevant and delivering value to member attorneys, we provide tools and systems so ElderCounsel's members create stable, efficient and rewarding businesses as well as long-term relationships.

We have a proven system for training attorneys in this area and helping them get up to speed quickly. If you're ready to jump in and start providing this valuable service to seniors and their families, we are ready to help!

“If you are an estate planning attorney or an elder law attorney and you are looking to expand your practice, special needs planning is a great area to look to...What ElderCounsel does is give you the knowledge base and the documents to pull all of those areas of practice together so you can make sure you are serving your clients well."
- Bradley J. Frigon, JD