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Take a course in the comfort of your home or office. ElderCounsel offers recorded classroom sessions on elder law and other special programs and practice areas below. All purchases include course materials.

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Veterans Pension Planning


    A Tale of 2 (or More) Solutions: Medicaid Planning (audio download)

    By: Patrick Smith, JD & Miles Hurley, JD

    Our experienced Medicaid planning presenters will analyze the same set of facts, but provide different solutions to those facts. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, and will learn different ways to approach complex client situations.

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  • SS  

    Anatomy of a Social Security Disability Case (2 part, streaming)

    By: Linda DeWitt, Esq.

    Social Security is not just for the retired population. Disability is not just for those injured workers among our younger population. A Social Security disability case may be the best legal strategy for an older worker who is closely approaching retirement age, yet has been stricken with an injury or illness that now prevents work.

    This course will provide you with an overview of the process for adjudicating a disability claim, key tips for representing older claimants, and instruction on how to receive fees for your services. Topics covered:
    • Administrative process
    • Two types of benefits: SSDI, SSI
    • The law and where to find it
    • The five-sequential-step process
    • Medical evidence
    • Vocational evidence
    • How to get paid
    CLE CLE: Up to 4 hours
    Length: 4 hours

    Member Price: $295.00 Retail Price: $395.00
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  • Adv Medi-Cal  

    Advanced Medi-Cal Planning 2017 (3 part video series)

    By: James Watson, JD and Laura Srebro, JD

    Many Medi-Cal planning attorneys help seniors and their families when a health care crisis strikes, resulting in a financial crisis. But what if you could help a family before a health care crisis strikes, saving them thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of worry and stress?

    Help seniors and their families by creating an asset protection plan BEFORE a crisis strikes. This advanced Medi-Cal Planning course will focus on the use of irrevocable trusts, including important drafting goals, how to deal with the home and avoid estate recovery, and how to obtain the best tax treatment for assets held in the irrevocable trust. Additional areas include:
    • Changes to the Medi-Cal recovery rules under SB 833
    • Trust funding and administration
    • Review of additional documents that complete the asset protection plan
    • Other planning methods including the use of Petitions to the Court 

    CLE  CLE: 6 hours

    Member Price: $495.00 Retail Price: $595.00
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  • Medicaid Planning  

    Medicaid Planning for Wartime Veterans - The Balancing Act (streaming)

    By: Dawn Weekly, JD

    Elder Law Masters Course Session

    Balancing Medicaid planning with VA pension benefits is never easy, especially when dealing with married couples. With the VA set on changing its eligibility rules, will this get easier, or more difficult? This session will cover how to weigh the benefits of Medicaid vs. VA pension, and how that balancing act may change when we see new VA pension rules.

    Length: 50 minutes

    Member Price: $125.00 Retail Price: $150.00
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  • MAPT Drafting  

    Medicaid Asset Protection Trust (MAPT) Drafting Workshop

    By: Brian Albee, JD, Howard Krooks, Esq., CELA, and Michael Amoruso, Esq.

    Recorded at Symposium 2016

    Join us for a half-day of intensive education covering everything from grantor trust rules used when drafting Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts (MAPTs), to crucial design choices you must make when drafting. The class begins with why you would use an irrevocable trust and ends with tips on how to help clients understand the value of this type of trust with lots of law and drafting help in between.

    Length: 4 hours, 48 minutes

     ElderCounsel members: View this course complimentary in the Education Library.

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  • Medi-Cal  

    Medi-Cal A-Z (2017)

    By: Phil Lindsley, JD, CELA and Andrea Gherini, JD

    Learn the rules and strategies of Medi-Cal Planning. If you are new to this area, this course will get you up-to-speed and arm you with the strategies to handle crisis planning and begin taking on new clients. Topics covered include:
    • What does it mean to have a Medi-Cal practice?
    • Current Medi-Cal rules
    • Probate Code 3100 Petitions
    • Preparing the Medi-Cal package: forms and beyond
    • California's new estate recovery rules and how they affect future planning

     CLE: 12 hours

    Member Price: $595.00 Retail Price: $695.00
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  • able act cle  

    ABLE Accounts are Here, Now What are You Going to do With Them (streaming)

    By: Stephen Dale, Esq., LLM and Douglas Jackson

    Disability rights advocate Stephen Dale will discuss the advantages of using ABLE accounts as a new tool to provide value to your client base. Join us to learn how easy it is to use ABLE Accounts and how beneficial they are for your Special Needs clients.

    Joining Steve is Douglas Jackson, Deputy Director from the Ohio STABLE program will explain how easy it is to setup and maintain an ABLE account.
    Length: 83 minutes

     ElderCounsel members: View this course complimentary in the Education Library.

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    Package: Symposium 2016 - ALL Sessions (audio download)

    The Symposium is the best education event of the year for estate planning and elder law professionals. This special conference is full of valuable learning, collaboration and guidance. Symposium 2016 was 2 ½ days of presentations. The sessions were a mix of 90-minute classroom breakouts and 60-minute sessions, presentations and panel discussions. Tracks include elder law, estate planning, practice development, business planning, and keynote presentations.

    By ordering this product, you will receive ALL of the sessions that took place at the 2016 Symposium including keynotes and breakout sessions. (Sessions delivered via MP3 audio file and presentation as a PDF)

    40 sessions included!

    Download full list of sessions with descriptions

    Member Price: $497.50 Retail Price: $597.50
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  • Farmland  

    Protecting Farmland and Other Income Producing Property (streaming)

    By: Randy Clinkscales, Clinkscales Elder Law Practice

    Elder Law Masters Course Session

    Most states do not treat income-producing property as a non-countable asset. However, there may be ways to protect it even when a crisis happens. This session will discuss potential strategies for protecting farmland and other property from Medicaid eligibility and estate recovery.

    Length: 46 minutes

    Member Price: $125.00 Retail Price: $150.00
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  • Foundations in tax planning  

    Foundations in Tax Planning (4-part series)

    By: Darren Mills, Esq., CPA, ChFC, CLU

    Tax touches everything.  In order to effectively and efficiently practice elder law, the practitioner needs to have a solid foundation in taxation.   What are the implications if rental real estate is transferred to a MAPT?
    Unlike some of your law school classes or other courses that focus on common law and case law, tax law is rule driven by statute (i.e., the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) and Treasury Regulations. This four-part course is designed to introduce the practitioner to those tax topics for which they will most likely encounter in their practice.  As such, topics will range from an introduction to the federal income tax system, general tax principles, taxation of real property, IRAs and stock compensation, and the transfer tax system.

    Comprehensive written materials included with purchase.
    Length: 2 hours 15 minutes per session, 4 sessions total

     CLE: Up to 10 hours


    Member Price: $395.00 Retail Price: $695.00
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