Medi-Cal Planning

  • Estate Recovery  

    New Strategies for Estate Recovery in California (streaming)

    By: James Watson, JD and Jason Penrod, JD

    SB-833 changed how the term "estate" is defined in California for purposes of Medi-Cal estate recovery. Learn about the new rules, and get a jump-start on strategies you can use to protect Medi-Cal recipients from estate recovery. ElderCounsel members Jamie Watson (CA) and Jason Penrod (FL) discuss the exciting new opportunities this change in the law brings for you and your clients.

    Length: 59 minutes

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  • Adv Medi-Cal  

    Advanced Medi-Cal Planning 2017 (3 part video series)

    By: James Watson, JD and Laura Srebro, JD

    Many Medi-Cal planning attorneys help seniors and their families when a health care crisis strikes, resulting in a financial crisis. But what if you could help a family before a health care crisis strikes, saving them thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of worry and stress?

    Help seniors and their families by creating an asset protection plan BEFORE a crisis strikes. This advanced Medi-Cal Planning course will focus on the use of irrevocable trusts, including important drafting goals, how to deal with the home and avoid estate recovery, and how to obtain the best tax treatment for assets held in the irrevocable trust. Additional areas include:
    • Changes to the Medi-Cal recovery rules under SB 833
    • Trust funding and administration
    • Review of additional documents that complete the asset protection plan
    • Other planning methods including the use of Petitions to the Court 

    CLE  CLE: 6 hours

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  • Medi-Cal  

    Medi-Cal A-Z (2017)

    By: Phil Lindsley, JD, CELA and Andrea Gherini, JD

    Learn the rules and strategies of Medi-Cal Planning. If you are new to this area, this course will get you up-to-speed and arm you with the strategies to handle crisis planning and begin taking on new clients. Topics covered include:
    • What does it mean to have a Medi-Cal practice?
    • Current Medi-Cal rules
    • Probate Code 3100 Petitions
    • Preparing the Medi-Cal package: forms and beyond
    • California's new estate recovery rules and how they affect future planning

     CLE: 12 hours

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