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Medicaid Planning for the Institutionalized Spouses IRAElder law is one of the fastest growing, most rewarding, and highly profitable ways to grow your legal practice. At ElderCounsel, we are passionate about setting elder law attorneys up for success. The variety of valuable resources on this page pertaining to attorney education and legal document preparation will give you a glimpse of the many benefits ElderCounsel can provide.

Whether elder law is new to your practice, or has already become part of it, our resources will help you jump-start key areas, including Veteran's benefits planning, special needs planning, and Medicaid. We offer a 5-star document draft system, monthly webinars to keep you up-to-date on the law and latest news, CLE education in a variety of formats, whitepapers, and other tools to help you better market your elder law practice. ElderCounsel offers unlimited support to help you build the elder law practice of your dreams.

Document Previews

Document Preview: Annotated Document Sample (Medicaid Family Protection Trust)

EC Medicaid Asset Protection Trust Document Preview

Document Preview: Revocable Living Trust & Supporting Documents

Document Preview: Medicaid Family Protection Trust

Document Preview: ElderDocx Document

Document Preview: ElderCounselor Newsletter Sample

Recorded Courses

trust administration recorded course for attorneys

Recorded Course: Crisis Planning Strategies in a Nutshell

Recorded Course: Keeping it in the Family

Recorded Course: Crucial Conversations: Having “The Talk” with your clients

Recorded Course: Debunking Elder Law Myths

Recorded Course Avoid Malpractice When Drafting Special Needs Trusts

Whitepapers & Toolkits

Whitepaper: How to Talk to Clients about Proactive Planning

Whitepaper: 4 Trusteeship Misconceptions in a Special Needs Trust

Whitepaper: What is Elder Law?

Whitepaper: Three Tips to Get More Clients and Referrals

Whitepaper: 5 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Online Presence

Whitepaper: Top of Mind Awareness for Firm Success


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