Planning Areas

Sustaining a thriving practice can be challenging. Are you happy with your practice?

Maybe you're just considering making a change that will help boost your long-term success. We know firsthand the obstacles attorneys face and we've created systems designed to help you build and grow your practice. Elder law is one of the fastest growing, most rewarding and highly profitable areas you can add to your practice. At ElderCounsel, we are passionate about setting attorneys up for success. In the pages below you'll find resources, content, on-demand webinars and more to help you get a jump start on key planning areas like elder law, Veteran's Benefits Planning, Special Needs, and Medicaid. We offer resources to help market your firm, stay up to date on the law, CLE education, document drafting, and learning how to add new planning areas to your practice.

Now is the time to arm yourself with the tools and support to maximize your practice. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us to learn more.



Adding elder law to an existing estate planning practice?

We can help. You now have the ability to effectively serve your aging client base without making a large investment in additional staff. Your only investment is the time it takes to learn ways to serve your aging population now, before a crisis hits. Learn More.