EC Special Needs Planning Systemâ„¢

EC Special Needs Planning System™ members will receive a document assembly program that will generate the documents listed below:
  • Free short video on “Benefits Basics,” a great overview of the nuts and bolts of eligibility in the Special Needs Planning area.

    Free short video “Can My Special Needs Trust Pay My Rent?” - where & when Special Needs Trusts cover food and shelter.

    View this free webinar hosted by Valerie Peterson, J.D. and Steve Dale, Esq. as they explore how to add Special Needs Planning to your practice quickly with the support of ElderCounsel!
    Third-Party SNT Documents
    • Supplemental Needs Trust
    • Certification of Trust
    • Trust Amendment Form
    • Reporting Letters
    • Trustee Instructions
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    Self-Settled Special Needs Documents
    • Trust With Medicare Set Aside Provisions
    • Certification of Trust
    • Trust Amendment Form
    • Reporting Letters
    • Trustee Instructions
  • Beneficiary/Rep Payee Documents
    • Notice of Death of Beneficiary
    • Notice of ISM Payments and Receipt of ISM
    • Letter to Beneficiary/Rep Payee Re: Duty to Report Expenditures
  • Tax-Related Documents
    • Instruction Letter to Tax Preparer Re: Trust Tax Treatment
    • Letter to Trust Donors
    • Instruction Letters to Tax Preparer Re: Qualified Disability Trust
    • Letter to CPA Re: Projected Deductible Expenses
  • Intake and Supporting Documents
    • Client Intake for Third Party Special Needs Trust
    • 7-Step Checklist
    • Outline-Drafting a Medicare Set Aside Trust
  • Miscellaneous Documents
    • Nomination of Guardian or Conservator for Disabled Child
Special Needs Planning System™ members will receive access to our Online Discussion Groups, member pricing to all live and recorded events, listing in our member directory, and access to numerous free webinars and knowledge base material available through ElderCounsel.

For more information please contact or call (888) 789-9908.

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