Veterans Benefits Planning


Veterans Pension Planning, often referred to as "Aid and Attendance", is a growing area that many elder law and estate planning attorneys are expanding into. Veterans Pension Benefits provide a monthly cash benefit to wartime veterans or the surviving spouse of a wartime veteran who meet financial and medical criteria. For more information about Veterans Pension benefits, please visit the various articles listed below.
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  • Veterans Asset Protection Trust and supporting documents
  • Veterans Asset Protection Letter
  • Fee Agreements
  • Health Care Documents
    • Living Will
    • Nonstatutory Health Care Power of Attorney
    • State Statutory Health Care Documents (AL|AZ|CA|CO|DE|FL|GA|IL|LA|NC|NV|NY|OK|RI|SC|TX|UT|WA|WI)
  • Nonstatutory Durable Financial Power of Attorney
    • State Statutory Powers of Attorney with Enhanced Powers (AL|AK|CA|CO|GA|IL|MD|MN|NC|NV|NY|OH|OK|RI|TX|WI)
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