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Re: Medicaid Asset Protection Workshop – “The best organized, most thorough and most focused - practically focused - seminar that I’d ever attended as a lawyer.

Michael Pitt, JD
Pitt & Frank
Louisville, Kentucky

“I went to the Immersion Camp, and in one week I went from knowing almost nothing to very confidently practicing in the area.

David Harowitz, JD
David J. Harowitz, PC
Tempe, Arizona

"ElderCounsel provides a tremendous opportunity as far as continuing education, both basic immersion and advanced skills. The presenters, the educators, are just the best in the country."

Stan Sims, JD
Stan Sims Law
Louisville, Kentucky

"This was the first ElderCounsel seminar I've attended and it was awesome. Steve, Val and Marty were absolutely fantastic!"

Christopher J. Berry
Attorney at Law
Tempe, Arizona

"For the past 17 years, my marketing firm has helped elder law attorneys grow their practices.  I would never allow one of my clients to enter the field of elder law without joining ElderCounsel.  I insist on it because I want my clients to succeed and I know they will if they belong to ElderCounsel: the BEST document-creation software, the BEST educational courses, the BEST listserv, the BEST support.  It would be foolish to enter this practice area without the support of ElderCounsel - and my clients are smart enough to recognize it."

Mark Merenda, President
Smart Marketing
Naples, Florida

Medicaid Immersion and Practice-Building Camp

"I wanted to tell you how much the Medicaid Immersion Camp meant to me.  I have been practicing for 37 years, and I have seen a vast change in the marketing of law practices during that time.  I have also seen a vast change in my own sole practice during that time.  I have been involved in elder care for a number of  years, but never to the point of being able to resolve issues so that I felt comfortable in charging my clients for these services.  I realize now that I have the knowledge I simply need to apply it.  Having ElderCounsel as a resource is the biggest confidence boost that I needed to begin changing some of the ways that I have practiced.  In the first three months of this calendar year 2012 my income increased $30,000 over last year. I attribute that to ElderCounsel.  I am feeling more and more confident in the Medicaid side of my practice. I still have a lot to learn about VA and will continue to learn from your resources."

Robert C. Whitt, Esq.

Mount Holly, North Carolina

"I learned more from Val, Marty, and Steve in this three days than in the last ten years of CLEs I've attended - and it was practical learning, so I'll actually be able to use it! Making new friends was equally beneficial.  Best money I've ever spent."

Libby King, Attorney at Law
Tate Moerer & King, LLP
Richmond, Texas

"Although I have 8 years of experience with Medicaid planning, I went to the Camp and brought two of my staff with me.  The practice building and coaching sessions from Steve Riley were alone worth my time and investment for our office team.  The program exceeded my expectations.  My team members learned more in three days about how to structure a Medicaid planning practice than my experience alone could have taught in three years.  The basics of planning don't seem to change but I always learn something new (and marketable) as I did in the Immersion Camp. This course is a must."

Robert McClelland, Attorney at Law
McClelland & Associates, PLLC
Lexington, Kentucky

"It was, truly, one of the GREATEST events I have ever attended.  Substantively, it was full of information.  But from a practical standpoint, I am taking more away from this program that I can actually use in my practice than I have taken away from a program - ever."

Heinz Brisske, Attorney at Law
Huck & Brisske, LLC
Wheaton, Illinois

"For members that are fairly new to elder law/medicaid planning this course is a must. Even the more seasoned attorney will get some incredibly valuable information and ideas from the class. All the instructors were wonderful.  Overall the is one of the best courses I have attended."

Lance D. Like, Attorney at Law
Like Law Group, LLC
Bloomington, Indiana

"As a newbie to this whole process I can attest this course is a must if you want to practice in this area.  It was alot of fun and I learned more than my old brain could probably handle but kudos to Valerie, Steve, and Marty and all who participated for a first rate course and life changer."

Tom Henry, Attorney at Law
The Elder Law & Soc. Sec Disability Law Center
Peoria, Illinois

"I learned more in the past 2 days than I have ever learned at any other seminar in my eleven years of practicing."Each course I attend with ElderCounsel exceeds my expectations.  This was the best course yet."

James J. Mullen, Esquire

Bristol, Rhode Island

Medi-Cal Planning from A-Z

This was one of the best continuing education courses I've attended in years."

Thea Eliot, Attorney at Law
Thea Law, P.C.
Larkspur, California

"ElderCounsel delivers what it promises: top educators who practice what they teach, camaraderie with other practitioners and tools to immediately take back to the office and implement."

Teresa Nuccio, Attorney at Law
Teresa Nuccio, P.C.
Park Ridge, Illinois

Membership and Software

"I continue to derive benefits in all areas – both financially and in my level of comfort…I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth."

Guy Garner, JD
Garner Law Firm, PC
Arlington, Texas

Re: ElderDocx Software – “It has really helped make something that was previously incredibly tedious into something that is much more profitable for my firm.”

Michele Fuller, JD
Michigan Law Center, PLLC
Sterling Heights, Michigan

“ElderCounsel is a true association of attorneys that are really willing to help each other.”

Jim Swain, JD, MBA
Swain Law Firm
Atlanta, Georgia

"The ElderCounsel drafting software is phenomenal!"

Tammy Conover, Esq.
Bendelow Law Firm, P.C.
Denver, Colorado

"ElderCounsel has helped me take my practice to the next level."

Miles Zatkowsky, Attorney at Law
Dutcher & Zatkowsky
Rochester, New York

"I have to tell you thank you! I got a referral from a financial planner who has had some bad experiences with his clients’ trusts when it comes to modification and trustee removal issues. The client he referred to me gave me permission to talk to him about the trust I was preparing for her and I sent him the draft RLT yesterday. He called this morning and said it was one of the best trusts he had ever worked with and he thought his client would be served very well by it! He was especially intrigued by the trust protector provisions and wanted to know all about how that worked. So thank you for making me look good and for always answering the questions I run into while I am drafting, no matter how simple they are. I really couldn’t do this without the support I get through ElderCounsel. "

Stephanie Edwards
Edwards Elder Law, P.A.
St. Petersburg, FL

"Just a quick note to tell you how informative and practical the webinar on "How to Draft a Veterans Asset Protection Letter" was to me as a new member of ElderCounsel.  This high standard of quality is indicative of everything and everyone I have encountered so far.  I am attending my first live program with the upcoming Medicaid Immersion Boot Camp.  I look forward to meeting and hearing Valerie, Marty Womer and the rest of the faculty and staff.  And, based on the programs I've seen so far, I know it will be an outstanding experience."

Michael Andrews
Bleecker, Broday & Andrews
Indianapolis, Indiana

"I'm a solo practitioner, so efficiency and value are crucial. I am a member of ElderCounsel because they provide both efficiency and value.  Their document drafting system allows me to draft easy-to-understand estate planning and Medicaid planning documents in a fraction of the time it used to take me.  ElderCounsel’s comprehensive package not only offers the best drafting software but the support and training to get the most out of the software.  In addition, the members-only listserv is worth the price all by itself. Being able to ask a question and get an immediate answer by some of the leading Medicaid experts in the country gives me great confidence in the services I provide my clients."

Ryan N. Morey
Morey Law, P.C.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

"ElderCounsel carries forward the drafting system excellence of its sister organization, WealthCounsel.  However, ElderCounsel organizers and staff are particularly sensitive to the state-specific needs of elder law practitioners; they are most responsive and proactive with state statutory and regulatory changes requiring adjustments to the drafting system. This is not a “one size for all states” drafting system leaving a busy solo or small firm to spend hours making state-specific adjustments.  ElderCounsel’s educational opportunities are superb and the drafting system support is unparalleled. This cutting edge organization is essential for establishing or maintaining document efficiency for any elder law firm."

Jan Lord
The Law Office of C. Jan Lord
Berthoud, Colorado

"No practice development program I have been associated with in my elder law practice has excited me as much as the new ElderCounsel initiative. I practice elder law with a heavy concentration of Medicaid planning. I know the immense value from quality systems, sound processes and excellent elder law attorney colleagues. ElderCounsel membership provides all of these and more."

Wayne M. Walston
Beers, Mallers, Backs & Salin, LLP
Warsaw, Indiana

"I wanted to thank you for the time you spent talking to me at the Planning 4 Generations conference in Chicago. I am just starting out in my own elder law practice and two of the BEST decisions that I have made to date are joining ElderCounsel and attending the conference. I attended every session presented by Lou Pierro and the other founders of ElderCounsel and felt the materials were oustanding."

Stephen C. Jones
Stephen C. Jones & Associates, LLC
Alton, Illinois

"ElderCounsel has it all: a state-of-the-art document assembly system, outstanding education and support, and a team of experts in the field who don’t hesitate to help any member. I can now draft comprehensive documents in a fraction of the time I used to spend with the confidence that I am providing the best possible legal solution for my clients."

Donald W. Mustico, CPA/Esq.
Law Office of Donald W. Mustico
Elmira, New York

Collegiality and Support

“…with the resources in terms of the educational opportunities, colleagues and the drafting system, I’ve been able to really realize my heart’s passion in serving the needs of the elderly in my community.”

C. Jan Lord, JD
The Law Office of C. Jan Lord
Berthoud, Colorado

“ElderCounsel has not only provided me the software for the documents…but it has really provided a wrap-around around my business to help me grow my business the way I want to.”

Jerry Bell, JD
The Bell Law Firm, PA
Overland Park, Kansas

“ElderCounsel is the one product I can use that can combine all of these practice areas [estate planning, tax, trust, elder and special needs law]. It makes the work at my office more efficient and I have all the knowledge base that I need to work efficiently for my clients at the highest degree.”

Bradley J. Frigon, JD
Law Offices of Bradley J. Frigon, LLC
Englewood, Colorado

"I wanted to thank Brian again for coming to my rescue in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  You told me exactly what I needed to know to solve the technical problem I was having, thereby saving me much worry for the rest of the weekend.  The more I use ElderDocx, the more I appreciate what a great program it is.  The substantive content is outstanding, and your formatting gives ElderDocx documents an extremely professional look and makes it easy for clients to navigate through them."

Cynthia Mead
The Mead Law Firm, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia