Membership Price Testimonials

We sat down with four ElderCounsel members and asked them questions about membership and what tools they utilize the most in their law firms. The final question was asking if membership dues justify the resources and drafting software included. Hear what they had to say:


"The benefits from the program are so profound that I have a drafting system, education, and a listserv of people there helping me develop my practice. The cost is far less than what I receive as far as clients and service my clients. Usually I receive a lot more referrals from ElderCounsel members than the cost of the program." - Kevin Urbatsch

"When you get that first case, earn that first fee, you realize it's the smartest thing you've ever did. I'm here 8 years later still investing every year in ElderCounsel." - Whitney Wilson

"I don't know and I don't care. It's been a fantastic addition to our office and has made such a difference. Whether it's from a marketing standpoint, office efficiency standpoint and a competency standpoint, it's been worth it's weight in gold." - Mike Bryan

"I don't know. Well, if I sell one estate plan in a month, I have paid for it, probably four times over." - Michele Fuller