Treasure Hunting in a California Kindergarten (audio download)

By: Marty Burbank, JD

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As a group, Elder Law Attorneys tend to be compassionate and caring professionals. ElderCounsel member Marty Burbank had big plans to buy a new 40-foot sloop and sail off into retirement with his wife.  Then, one Sunday sermon on giving changed everything.  Hear his story of how he and his wife made national news with their decision that they should pay it forward by investing in the lives of 27 kindergartners rather than purchase their dream sailboat.

Includes: MP3 audio file only (no presentation used during session). 

This was 1 of 13 elder law breakout sessions at Symposium 2016. Purchase all elder law sessions for $399! More details.

Recorded live: October 19, 2016, Symposium 2016 (Reston, Virginia)

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