MAPT Online Drafting Camp

This webinar will focus on the EC Medicaid Asset Protection Trust and will cover the following documents using ElderDocx as a framework:
   Medicaid Asset Protection Trust
   Trust Summary and Funding Letter

We will also discuss how to talk to clients about the need for an irrevocable trust as part of their overall planning.

Downloads: Part 1: Audio   Materials | Part 2: Audio   Materials | Part 3: Audio   Materials

Topics Covered:

Part One
  1. Why You Would Use an Irrevocable Medicaid Asset Protection Trust
  2. Three Rules That Can Never Be Broken
  3. Why Do We Use a Self‐Settled Trust?
  4. Individual vs. Joint Trust
  5. Naming the Trust
  6. Firm Branding
  7. Statement of Intent
  8. Adding Uniform Trust Code Provisions
  9. Choice of Trustee
  10. Independent vs. Interested Trustee
  11. Distribution Trustee
  12. Co Trustees
  13. Trustee Restrictions
  14. Optional Trustee Powers/Restrictions
Part Two
  1. Tax Advantages and Considerations
  2. Testamentary Limited Power of Appointment
  3. Spouse as Permissible Apointee
  4. Limited Power of Appointment and Basis
  5. Trust Summary and Funding Letter: Basis Example
  6. Community Property and Basis
  7. Sale of Home During Lifetime vs Death
  8. Complete and Incomplete Gift Tax vs. Estate Tax
  9. Unified Exemption
  10. Grantor Trust
  11. Additional Advantages in a MAPT
  12. Choice of Lifetime Beneficiaries

Part Three
  1. Trust Protectors
  2. Removal of Turstee
  3. Power to Amend the Trust
  4. Power to Terminate the Trust
  5. Relate Back Provisions
  6. Fiduciary vs. Non Fiduciary Capacity
  7. Trust Protector Statute States
  8. Describing a Trust Protector
  9. Who can Serve as a Trust Protector?
  10. Should the Drafting Attorney Serve?
  11. Compensation of a Trust Protector
  12. Naming a Trust Protector Immediately?
  13. Grantor Removing and Replacing a Trustee
  14. Contingent SNT Provisions
  15. The Signing Experience
  16. Portfolios
  17. Trust Funding
  18. After Funding
  19. Helping Clients Understand the Value of an Irrevocable Trust (Medicaid Asset Protection Trust)
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Webinar Recorded: April 29 - May 1, 2014
Duration: 4 hours, 48 minutes 
Presenter: Valerie Peterson, JD, ElderCounsel