When are Transfers to a MAPT or VAPT Completed Gifts (streaming)


By: Jeffrey L. Williamson, Esq. and Brian F. Albee, JD

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In this webinar you will gain a better understanding of when transfers to a MAPT or VAPT are completed gifts for federal transfer tax purposes, and if so, when a gift tax return is required. This informative webinar will discuss the gift tax rules as they relate to transfers to irrevocable trusts, like the EC Medicaid Asset Protection Trust® and the EC Veterans Asset Protection Trust®. You will learn why this is important to you, your practice, and your clients. You will gain invaluable insights from a former Internal Revenue Agent who became well versed in the audit policies and procedures of the IRS.

Topics Covered:
  • The Big Picture (Why should you care about this? Why are transfers to an irrevocable trust better than outright gifts?)
  • Gift Taxes (Code and Regulations, Definition of “gift”, The gift tax only applies to “completed” gifts, Definition of “completed” gift, To file or not to file, that is the question)
  • Powers (Retained Testamentary LPOA) 
  • Estate Inclusion of Completed Gifts
  • 709 Filing Requirements
  • Sample Tax-Return Preparation Disclaimer for Fee Agreements
Length: 83 minutes

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Recorded: November 5, 2015
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