Medicaid Appeals and Fair Hearings (streaming)

Medicaid Appeals and Fair Hearings

By: Rene H. Reixach, Esq.

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There are a variety of reasons a Medicaid application may be denied including improper funding and incomplete documentation. The Medicaid rules allow applicants the right to a fair hearing in front of the state agency for adverse determination including denial, reduction, or termination in coverage. This session will cover the rules for fair hearings to review adverse Medicaid eligibility decisions and the procedures for conducting fair hearings, as well as how to appeal to state or federal court from an adverse fair hearing decision.
  • The Basis for Fair Hearings
  • Notice Requirements – Contents and Timing
  • Requesting a Fair Hearing
  • Aid Continuing (Aid Paid Pending)
  • Denial or Dismissal
  • Hearing Procedure
  • Decisions
  • Compliance
  • Hearing Tips
  • Appeals to State Court
  • Federal Court Appeals
 CLE: 1.25 hours

Length: 71 minutes

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Recorded June 7, 2016
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