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Take a course in the comfort of your home or office. ElderCounsel offers recorded classroom sessions on elder law and other special programs and practice areas below. All purchases include course materials.

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Veterans Pension Planning


    Advanced VA Pension Planning Webinar (2018)

    By: Valerie L. Peterson, J.D., ElderCounsel, LLC and James (Jim) Swain, J.D., MBA, Swain Law Firm

     CLE: 3 hours This 3-hour advanced VA pension planning webinar will focus on the new eligibility rules, how they will impact your planning process, and opportunities that exist under the new rules.

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  • Veterans Pension Planning Immersion Camp  

    Veterans Pension Planning Immersion Camp (2018)

    By: Whitney M. Wilson and Michael T. Bryan

    There are over twenty one million Veterans in the United States and nearly all of them may be eligible for VA Pension benefits. The Veteran’s Administration (VA) offers a monthly cash payment to wartime veterans who meet certain service requirements. These benefits may also go to the spouse of a deceased Veteran.

    If you want to gain the skills and knowledge to help Veterans, this is the place to start. The opportunities for an elder law attorney who provides service to veterans are vast. Attend this program and gain the knowledge and confidence you need to be profitable in this area of law.


    CLE: 9.5 hours

    Member Price: $795.00 Retail Price: $895.00
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  • Special Needs Planning Immersion Camp  

    Special Needs Planning Immersion Camp 2018 (Video & Audio)

    By: Stephen Dale and Jennifer Stenberg

    Our Special Needs Planning Immersion Camp will provide you with legal expertise you need to begin serving disabled individuals in and around your area. Special needs planning is a rewarding practice area. This program provides a solid foundation for practitioners entering this complex and dynamic part of law. After completing this course, you will be able to confidently take on your first cases and build on your knowledge base. The rewards are both financial and personal as you help those in our society who have been historically underserved, but are a substantial segment of our population.


    CLE: Up to 9.5 hours

    Member Price: $795.00 Retail Price: $895.00
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    VA Accreditation Webinar (2018)

    By: Michael T. Bryan, J.D., Stubbins, Watson, Bryan & Witucky Co., L.P.A.

    Are you looking for a CLE course to maintain your VA Accredited Attorney status?  Attorneys accredited by the VA must take 3 hours of CLE within their first year of accreditation, and an additional three hours every two years thereafter.  This series is designed to satisfy the VA Accreditation CLE requirements for attorneys who have already been accredited.  You should be accredited PRIOR to taking this webinar. 

    Topics for this webinar will cover the required core topics:
    • Representation Before the VA
    • Claims Procedures
    • Basic Eligibility for VA Benefits
    • Disability Compensation
    • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
    • Improved Pension
    • Right to Appeal
    CLE CLE: 3 hours

    Member Price: $279.00 Retail Price: $379.00
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  • full audio package  

    Package: Symposium 2017 - ALL Sessions (audio download)

    The Symposium is the best education event of the year for estate planning and elder law professionals. This special conference is full of valuable learning, collaboration and guidance. Symposium 2017 was 2 ½ days of presentations. The sessions were a mix of 90-minute classroom breakouts and 60-minute sessions, presentations and panel discussions. Tracks include elder law, estate planning, practice development, business planning, and keynote presentations.

    By ordering this product, you will receive ALL of the sessions that took place at the 2017 Symposium including keynotes and breakout sessions. (Sessions delivered via MP3 audio file and presentation as a PDF)

    55 sessions included!

    Member Price: $995.00 Retail Price: $1195.00
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  • The Nitty Gritty of Medicaid and VA Applications  

    The Nitty Gritty of Medicaid and VA Applications

    By: Whitney M. Wilson, JD, Elder Law of Louisville and Angela N. Manz, Esq., The Law Office of Angela N. Manz

    The Medicaid and VA application process can be complicated and somewhat intimidating the first time, and sometimes even the second and third time, you do it. We want to help you navigate this process and will break it down for you.

    We will provide tips and tricks to help you navigate the detailed nuances of compiling and completing a Medicaid and VA application. 

    We’ll cover:
    • The right time for filing an application
    • The best method for filing
    • Which forms to use and subtle ways to complete those form
    • Which documents, information, and calculations to provide up-front
    • Which documents to provide only if requested
    Duration: 3 hours, 25 minutes

     CLE: 3 hours
    Member Price: $195.00 Retail Price: $295.00
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    Package: Symposium 2017 Elder Law Track (19 sessions - audio download)

    All 19 breakout elder law sessions (2017 Symposium)
    • (Basic) Leveraging Your Relationship with Your Local Medicaid Office ‐ Why You Can't Afford Not To (Jason Penrod, Michele Procino‐Wells, Todd Whatley, R. Scott Stewart, Melissa Crump)
    • (Advanced) Mom & Pop’s Shop: Elder Law Planning for the Family Business (Neel Shah)
    • (Basic) You Complete Me: Client Maintenance Programs (Vincent Russo)
    • (Advanced) Understanding the Future of Elder Law (Valerie Peterson, Howard Krooks)
    • Elder Law Update (Howard Krooks, Vincent Russo, Lou Pierro)
    • (Basic) Parental Protection Trust, Say What?! (Brian Albee, Lou Pierro)
    • Decanting and Friends ‐ Modifying Irrevocable Trusts, Part 2 (Foss Hooper, Jennifer Johnson, Steve Oshins)
    • Lifestyles of the Healthy and Happy: How to Have Both (Valerie Peterson)
    • (Basic) “Lights, Camera, Action” Utilizing an Annuity to Perfect a VA or Medicaid Plan (Dale Krause)
    • (Advanced) Why Elder Law Clients Have to Worry About Divorce, Addiction, and Unknown Creditors (Brian Albee)
    • (Basic) California Elder Law Update (Scott Stewart)
    • (Basic) Planning for Successful Aging (Dennison Keller, Lou Pierro)
    • Multiplying Your Reach Through Professional Relationships (Gray Strickland, Rex Russell)
    • (Basic) "Fun, Fun, Fun" with Special Needs Tax Effects (Steve Dale)
    • (EC Practice Development) Show Me The Money: Increasing Revenue Through Public Seminars (Sarah Kons, Peter Harbach)
    • 10 Ways to Improve your Initial Consultation (Steve Riley)
    • (Advanced) Decisions, Decisions: Deciding Between Medicaid and VA Pension (Whitney Wilson)
    • (Basic) VA Pension Planning, What's Hot and What's Not (Whitney Wilson, Victoria Collier)
    • (Practice Development) Where Are All of the Elder Law Clients? (Alan Press, Jason Penrod)

    Member Price: $399.00 Retail Price: $499.00
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    A Tale of 2 (or More) Solutions: VA Pension Planning (audio download)

    By: Dawn Weekly, JD & Angela Manz, JD

    This interactive session features two experienced VA pension planners who have analyzed the same set of facts, but have different solutions.  They will explain their analysis, and how they came to their conclusions.

    Member Price: $39.00 Retail Price: $69.00
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  • elder law ethics  

    Elder Law Ethics (2016)

    By: Todd Whatley, Esq., LL.M, CELA

    Who is your client? Can you share client conversations with family members? What steps are taken to ensure your client has capacity? How do you handle payment by someone other than your client? Experienced Elder Law practitioner and Chair of the National Elder Law Foundation, Todd Whatley, will address these issues and more.

    CLE CLE: 1 hour ethics
    Length: 65 minutes

     ElderCounsel members: View this course complimentary in the Education Library.

    Member Price: $0.00 Retail Price: $95.00
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  • Advanced VA Pension Planning  

    Advanced VA Pension Planning Webinar (2017)

    By: Michael Smith, JD, and Angela Manz, JD

    This 3-hour advanced VA pension planning webinar will discuss changing topics of which you need to be aware, such as what to do with the house, the Medicaid effect of VA benefits, and how to handle requests from the VA after an application is filed.

    We will also offer suggested guidelines for how long, or whether to delay applying, where there are significant transfers of income-generating assets; considering the VA's income verification matching at time of application. Lastly, we will discuss the proposed regulatory changes, how it will affect your clients, and what to do now.

    Topics Covered:
    • The House
    • Medicaid Interplay with VA
    • Responding to the VA – Development letters
    • Income Verification Matching
    • Accrued Benefits – when a claimant dies
    • Overpayments
    • Proposed Regulatory Changes
    CLE CLE: 3 hours 

    Member Price: $279.00 Retail Price: $379.00
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