EC TransferCalcâ„¢

EC TransferCalc™ is a stand-alone product offered by ElderCounsel® that will assist attorneys in making calculations for promissory notes, gifts, and annuities. In addition to making complex calculations, TransferCalc also creates a summary report, a client report, and an amortization schedule. EC TransferCalc Complete™ also includes a promissory note and client letter explaining the promissory note and what the borrower’s responsibilities are.

Members DO NOT need to order TransferCalc separately. The TransferCalc functionality is included in the EC Promissory Note® document group in ElderDocx®, and the annuity calculator is found in the EC Medicaid GRAT document group in ElderDocx.

If you purchase TransferCalc and join ElderCounsel within 3 months, we will credit your TransferCalc fee toward your membership fee. Click here to learn more about becoming an ElderCounsel member.

Note: TransferCalc requires Microsoft Word 2007 or better for the documents, and HotDocs User 10 or better for data entry. (Order HotDocs; Customers who subscribed to TransferCalc before November 1, 2013 may be able to use HotDocs Player 10 or better.)