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Cloud Offering - New User Accounts

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Pricing for the Cloud is on a per user basis. There is a one-time set up fee of $150 for each user, and a monthly recurring charge of $40 per user.

Select this product to order one or more new user accounts, whether it's the first for your firm or additional users. NOTE: Every person in your firm who you want to have cloud access must have his or her own user account.
When ordering, don't forget to agree to the Terms of Service and indicate your ElderCounsel or WealthCounsel membership (in the dropdown fields below the prices). Enter the number of users in the Quantity field. NOTE: It can take up to 2 business days for your account to be configured -- you will get an email when your account is ready.

Terms of Service
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Available to ElderCounsel or WealthCounsel members ONLY.

PLEASE NOTE EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2014:  There will be a NON-REFUNDABLE one-time set up fee of $150 for each user that will be added to your order during the checkout process.  Thank you!

The pricing is per month per user; you will be charged immediately for the first month and set up fee and then $40 per month thereafter.  Please enter the number of user accounts you are ordering in the Quantity field.

NOTE: If purchasing multiple user accounts, or if not ordering for yourself, please designate full name and email address of each user in the notes section on the final screen during checkout.

The Cloud Offering is a desktop version of our existing software hosted on a cloud server and accessed through a Citrix application called XenApp. Client answer file data will be entered through a secure connection and used to assemble document templates into a Microsoft Word document.

The cloud-based versions of ElderDocx, WealthDocx, BusinessDocx, and GunDocs work the same way as the desktop versions. The documents work the same way, too. In short, everything you can do in the desktop version, you can do with the cloud version, with one exception: the cloud version doesn't support template customization, other than firm branding templates (letterhead; firm footer; and title page). Of course, once the document is assembled into Microsoft Word, you can make any modifications that you like.

Featured Course

Law Practice Development Education