Estate Planning

Adding elder law to an existing estate planning practice can reap huge rewards. You now have the ability to effectively serve your aging client base without making a large investment in additional staff. Below are a variety of courses that will aid in making this integration.
  • RLT Online Drafting Camp  

    RLT Online Drafting Camp (download)

    By: Brian Albee, JD

    The RLT Camp will consist of 3 webinars where attendees will receive instruction on the crucial design and tax issues associated with drafting revocable living trusts for elder law, special needs and veterans pension planning clients. 

    Topics Covered:
    • RLT's Place in Medicaid Planning
    • Disinheriting the Spouse
    • Joint Trust Administration After First Death
    Length: 90 minutes per session, 3 sessions total

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  • Planning Strategies for an Aging Population  

    Planning Strategies for an Aging Population (audio download)

    By: Valerie L. Peterson, J.D. & Louis W. Pierro, Esq.

    This essential course provides estate planning attorneys the education and tools needed to effectively serve aging clients and assist them with asset protection of a different type: To prevent assets from being depleted due to the rising costs of care. 

    Topics Covered:
    • Identifying the Need to Plan Now Rather than Later
    • Packaging and Pricing Your Services
    • Your New Planning Toolkit
    • Designing the Irrevocable Trust to Best Serve Your Client
    • Getting the Word Out
    Length: 3 hours per part, 2 parts total

     Detailed Table of Contents

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    Integrating Elder Law Into Your Estate Planning Practice (Download)

    By: Julieanne Steinbacher, Esq.

    Profitability and satisfaction are two of the hallmarks of a senior estate planning practice. For those of you who have an estate planning practice and have helped your clients answer the question, “What happens if the client dies,” you should also be answering the question “What happens if the client does not die and needs long term care.” Adding elder law to an estate planning practice is a win for both the attorney and the client. Hear from Julieanne Steinbacher as she talks about how to market to ideal clients, the range of fees, and what services are offered in Senior Estate Planning.

    Topics Covered:
    • Proactive Planning Options
    • How to Market Ideal Clients
    • Range of Fees
    • What Services are Offered in Senior Estate Planning
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