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Take a course in the comfort of your home or office. ElderCounsel offers recorded classroom sessions on elder law and other special programs and practice areas below. All purchases include course materials.

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  • growing your elder law business  

    Growing Your Practice with Elder Law

    By: Valerie Peterson, JD

    Elder Law is a practice area that offers great potential and reward. It is a natural progression for your clients and your firm. During this informative workshop, we define elder law in a way that makes sense and identify a roadmap for learning this area without causing major disruption in your existing practice.

    Watch this recording and gain insights and confidence from attorneys who have added elder law to their existing services, or transitioned to an elder law practice. It may seem like a lot to take on, but the possibilities are great, and this course will get you well on your way!

    CLE: 3 hours
    Pre-approved in: AR, AZ, CA, GA, IL, MO, NJ, NV, NY, and OH.  Does not qualify for CLE in NC or TX.
    Self application by attorney required for non-listed states.  Verify your state's acceptance rules for pre-recorded, on-demand webinars.

    Elder Law Course Agenda Download Agenda

    A link will be available to you immediately after purchasing to view the video online. 
    Member Price: $0.00 Retail Price: $99.00
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    Veterans Pension Immersion Camp (streaming)

    By: Todd Whatley, JD, CELA, LLM and Whitney Wilson, JD

     CLE: Qualifies for up to 13.25 hours (includes 1 hour of ethics)
    Live course was pre-approved: AR (13.25/1), CA (13.25/1), CO (14/1.2), FL (15.1/1), GA (13.1/1), IL (13.75/1), IN (13.3/1), KY (13.75/1), MO (15.6), NC (13.25), NM (12.1/1), NV (13/1), OH (13.75/1), TX (13.25/1), VA (11.5/1), WI (17/1)
    Self application by attorney required for non-listed states. Verify your state's acceptance rules for pre-recorded, on-demand webinars.

    This course will fulfill the initial three hours required for your first year of VA accreditation

    What is VA Pension?
    The Veterans Administration (VA) offers a monthly cash payment to wartime veterans who meet certain service requirements, income and net worth requirements. Many older clients who served during a time of war may qualify for this benefit to help them pay for care expenses, and avoid having to enter a nursing home and qualify for Medicaid. This type of benefit is often referred to as "Aid and Attendance."

    download agenda Agenda

    Recorded: March 3-4, 2016 in Phoenix, AZ

    Member Price: $795.00 Retail Price: $895.00
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  • VA Pension Planning  

    Advanced VA Pension Planning (streaming)

    By: Dawn Weekly

    Topics Covered:
    • The House
    • Fiduciary Program
    • Medicaid Interplay
    • Withdrawing a Claim
    • Post-Benefit Receipts
    • Income Matching
    • The After Work
    • Overpayments
    • Client’s Death
    Recorded: October 20, 2015

    CLE: 2.7 - 3 hours CLE

    Member Price: $225.00 Retail Price: $325.00
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  • planning for people with special needs  

    Special Needs Planning Immersion Camp 2015 (Video & Audio)

    Special Needs Planning is a growing area and one that is hugely rewarding for both the attorney and the clients served. Our two day Special Needs Immersion camp will teach you the law in this very important area, as well as how to build and sustain a profitable special needs planning practice.

    Topics Covered: 
    • Benefits basics
    • 1st and 3rd Party Special Needs Trusts
    • Putting it all together
    By: Stephen Dale, Esq. & Jennifer Steneberg, Esq.
    Recorded December 3-4, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona

    CLE: 11.25 hours CLE 

    Member Price: $795.00 Retail Price: $895.00
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  • VA Accreditation  

    VA Accreditation 2015 Webinar (streaming)

    By Angela Manz, Esq. 

    Are you looking for a CLE course to maintain your VA Accredited Attorney status?  Attorneys accredited by the VA must take 3 hours of CLE within their first year of accreditation, and an additional three hours every two years thereafter.  This series is designed to satisfy the VA Accreditation CLE requirements for attorneys who have already been accredited.  You should be accredited PRIOR to taking this webinar. 

    Topics for this webinar will cover the required core topics:
    • Representation Before the VA
    • Claims Procedures
    • Basic Eligibility for VA Benefits
    • Disability Compensation
    • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
    • Improved Pension
    • Right to Appeal

    Recorded September 17, 2015

    CLE CLE: 3 hours 
    Pre-approved in: AR (3.0), CA (3.0), GA (3.0), MO (3.3), NJ (3.0), NY (3.0), OH (3.0), TX (3.0), WI (3.5); Attorney will self apply in states not listed.  ElderCounsel webinars are not accredited in PA.

    Member Price: $225.00 Retail Price: $325.00
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  • Ethics in elder law  

    Ethics and the Elder Law Attorney (streaming)

    By: Todd Whatley, CELA, LL.M

    Topics Covered:
    Do you feel that the ethics rules are really hard to interpret in an Elder Law setting? You are not alone. It does not seem that the Rules of Professional Conduct were not made for Elder Law Attorneys. However, we have to follow them. Todd Whatley will walk you through the pertinent Rules of Professional Conduct in this one hour webinar.

    Recorded: December 8, 2015

    CLE: 1 hour ethics CLE

    Member Price: $0.00 Retail Price: $95.00
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  • Symposium 2015 Audio Recording  

    Package: Symposium 2015 - ALL Sessions (audio download)

    The Symposium is the best education event of the year for estate planning and elder law professionals. This special conference is full of valuable learning, collaboration and guidance.Symposium 2015 was 3 ½ days of presentations. The sessions were a mix of 90-minute classroom breakouts and 60-minute workshops, presentations and panel discussions. Tracks include elder law, estate planning, practice development, business planning, and keynote presentations.

    By ordering this product, you will receive ALL of the sessions that took place at the 2015 Symposium including precursors, keynotes, and breakout sessions. (Sessions delivered via MP3 audio file and presentation as a PDF.)

    50+ sessions included!

    Recorded: July 14-17, 2015, Symposium 2015 (San Diego, CA)    |    Download list of sessions with descriptions. 
    Member Price: $995.00 Retail Price: $1195.00
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    When are Transfers to a MAPT or VAPT Completed Gifts (streaming)

    By: Jeffrey L. Williamson, Esq. and Brian F. Albee, JD

    You will learn why this is important to you, your practice, and your clients. You will gain invaluable insights from a former Internal Revenue Agent who became well versed in the audit policies and procedures of the IRS.

    Topics Covered:
    • The Big Picture (Why should you care about this? Why are transfers to an irrevocable trust better than outright gifts?)
    • Gift Taxes (Code and Regulations, Definition of “gift”, The gift tax only applies to “completed” gifts, Definition of “completed” gift, To file or not to file, that is the question)
    • Powers (Retained Testamentary LPOA) 
    • Estate Inclusion of Completed Gifts
    • 709 Filing Requirements
    • Sample Tax-Return Preparation Disclaimer for Fee Agreements
    Recorded: November 5, 2015

    Member Price: $0.00 Retail Price: $149.00
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Featured Course

Law Practice Development Education