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  • Advanced VA Pension Planning  

    Advanced VA Pension Planning Webinar (2017)

    By: Michael Smith, JD, and Angela Manz, JD

    This 3-hour advanced VA pension planning webinar will discuss changing topics of which you need to be aware, such as what to do with the house, the Medicaid effect of VA benefits, and how to handle requests from the VA after an application is filed.

    We will also offer suggested guidelines for how long, or whether to delay applying, where there are significant transfers of income-generating assets; considering the VA's income verification matching at time of application. Lastly, we will discuss the proposed regulatory changes, how it will affect your clients, and what to do now.

    Topics Covered:
    • The House
    • Medicaid Interplay with VA
    • Responding to the VA – Development letters
    • Income Verification Matching
    • Accrued Benefits – when a claimant dies
    • Overpayments
    • Proposed Regulatory Changes
    CLE CLE: 3 hours 

    Member Price: $279.00 Retail Price: $379.00
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  • SS  

    Anatomy of a Social Security Disability Case (2 part, streaming)

    By: Linda DeWitt, Esq.

    Social Security is not just for the retired population. Disability is not just for those injured workers among our younger population. A Social Security disability case may be the best legal strategy for an older worker who is closely approaching retirement age, yet has been stricken with an injury or illness that now prevents work.

    This course will provide you with an overview of the process for adjudicating a disability claim, key tips for representing older claimants, and instruction on how to receive fees for your services. Topics covered:
    • Administrative process
    • Two types of benefits: SSDI, SSI
    • The law and where to find it
    • The five-sequential-step process
    • Medical evidence
    • Vocational evidence
    • How to get paid
    CLE CLE: Up to 4 hours
    Length: 4 hours

    Member Price: $295.00 Retail Price: $395.00
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  • Adv Medi-Cal  

    Advanced Medi-Cal Planning 2017 (3 part video series)

    By: James Watson, JD and Laura Srebro, JD

    Many Medi-Cal planning attorneys help seniors and their families when a health care crisis strikes, resulting in a financial crisis. But what if you could help a family before a health care crisis strikes, saving them thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of worry and stress?

    Help seniors and their families by creating an asset protection plan BEFORE a crisis strikes. This advanced Medi-Cal Planning course will focus on the use of irrevocable trusts, including important drafting goals, how to deal with the home and avoid estate recovery, and how to obtain the best tax treatment for assets held in the irrevocable trust. Additional areas include:
    • Changes to the Medi-Cal recovery rules under SB 833
    • Trust funding and administration
    • Review of additional documents that complete the asset protection plan
    • Other planning methods including the use of Petitions to the Court 

    CLE  CLE: 6 hours

    Member Price: $495.00 Retail Price: $595.00
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  • Medicaid Planning  

    Medicaid Planning for Wartime Veterans - The Balancing Act (streaming)

    By: Dawn Weekly, JD

    Elder Law Masters Course Session

    Balancing Medicaid planning with VA pension benefits is never easy, especially when dealing with married couples. With the VA set on changing its eligibility rules, will this get easier, or more difficult? This session will cover how to weigh the benefits of Medicaid vs. VA pension, and how that balancing act may change when we see new VA pension rules.

    Length: 50 minutes

    Member Price: $125.00 Retail Price: $150.00
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  • Medi-Cal  

    Medi-Cal A-Z (2017)

    By: Phil Lindsley, JD, CELA and Andrea Gherini, JD

    Learn the rules and strategies of Medi-Cal Planning. If you are new to this area, this course will get you up-to-speed and arm you with the strategies to handle crisis planning and begin taking on new clients. Topics covered include:
    • What does it mean to have a Medi-Cal practice?
    • Current Medi-Cal rules
    • Probate Code 3100 Petitions
    • Preparing the Medi-Cal package: forms and beyond
    • California's new estate recovery rules and how they affect future planning

     CLE: 12 hours

    Member Price: $595.00 Retail Price: $695.00
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  • Decanting  

    The Mysterious (and necessary) World of Decanting (streaming)

    By: Jennifer Johnson, JD

    Elder Law Masters Course Session

    Trust decanting (sorry wine lovers) is a necessary tool in the area of elder law and veterans pension planning. You may inherit a trust from another attorney that needs a major overhaul in the tax provisions. Or, a change in the rules may occur and now the irrevocable trust you drafted no longer accomplishes what you had hoped and the Trust Protector is nowhere to be found. This session will teach attendees why decanting can be necessary in many circumstances, and how to do it effectively.

    Length: 53 minutes

    Member Price: $125.00 Retail Price: $150.00
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  • Unexpected turn  

    What Happens When the Plan you Prepared Takes an Unexpected Turn (streaming)

    By: Melissa Wick, JD, and Teresa Nuccio, JD

    Elder Law Masters Course Session

    You prepare the most secure MAPT you and the client could possibly draft – independent trustee, trustworthy lifetime beneficiaries… a lawyer’s dream. Just months later, the grantor is in serious car accident with head trauma and will need 24 hour care the rest of his life. With assets “tied up” in the MAPT what can be done?

    In another case, you prepared a gifting plan with a promissory note that was signed by all parties. Then you learn the client failed to tell you about prior gifts, or an asset they didn’t think counted. These are just a few of the unexpected scenarios that will be explored with solutions offered during this session.

    Length: 50 minutes

    Member Price: $125.00 Retail Price: $150.00
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  • Enhancing value  

    Enhancing Your Value in a Technology Driven Society (streaming)

    By: Mark Metzger, JD

    Elder Law Masters Course Session

    Technology seems to be taking over many areas that used to rely on humans alone. Email has replaced phone calls. Video has replaced in person presentations. And does anyone send anything through the mail any longer? While some may view this as a challenge, we view it as opportunity. Learn how to embrace the changes occurring, while finding new (or maybe old) ways to stand out in this ever-evolving technological world.

    Member Price: $125.00 Retail Price: $150.00
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  • Lifetime trust  

    Lifetime Trust Administration – The Practical Side

    By: Melissa Crump, JD

    Elder Law Masters Course Session

    You finally get the MAPT or VAPT signed. Now how do you make sure the trustee makes the right distributions at the right time? What if the home needs to be sold? This session will cover the practical side of how a MAPT or VAPT should be administered, and how you and the trustee can work together to make sure no errors are made.

    Member Price: $125.00 Retail Price: $150.00
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