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  • VA Accreditation Webinar  

    VA Accreditation Webinar (2016)

    By: Mike Weeks, JD, CELA

    Are you looking for a CLE course to maintain your VA Accredited Attorney status?  Attorneys accredited by the VA must take 3 hours of CLE within their first year of accreditation, and an additional three hours every two years thereafter.  This series is designed to satisfy the VA Accreditation CLE requirements for attorneys who have already been accredited.  You should be accredited PRIOR to taking this webinar. 

    Topics for this webinar will cover the required core topics:
    • Representation before the VA
    • Claims procedures
    • Basic eligibility for VA benefits
    • Dependency and indemnity compensation
    • Improved pension
    • Right to appeal
    • Other VA benefits
    • Planning in a future world of the VA transfer penalty
    • Case studies
    CLE CLE: 3 hours 

    Member Price: $249.00 Retail Price: $349.00
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  • holiday  

    Ramp up Your Client Base During the Holidays (marketing content)

    By: ElderCounsel, LLC

    Included in this package are the following marketing items, in Word format, for easy incorporation into your own website, blog, or social media platform.
    1. Marketing ideas for December and January
    2. With sample press releases (or eblast content) to promote them
    EC Practice Enhancement Program members, this is available free of charge in the PEP Marketing Content archives.
    Not a PEP member yet?  Learn more.
    Member Price: $79.00 Retail Price: $129.00
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  • Advanced VA Pension Planning  

    Advanced VA Pension Planning Webinar (2016)

    By: Michael Smith, JD, and Angela Manz, JD

    This 3-hour advanced VA pension planning webinar will discuss changing topics of which you need to be aware, such as what to do with the house, the Medicaid effect of VA benefits, and how to handle requests from the VA after an application is filed.

    We will also offer suggested guidelines for how long, or whether to delay applying, where there are significant transfers of income-generating assets; considering the VA's income verification matching at time of application. Lastly, we will discuss the proposed regulatory changes, how it will affect your clients, and what to do now.

    Topics Covered:
    • The House
    • Medicaid Interplay with VA
    • Responding to the VA – Development letters
    • Income Verification Matching
    • Accrued Benefits – when a claimant dies
    • Overpayments
    • Proposed Regulatory Changes
    CLE CLE: 3 hours 

    Member Price: $249.00 Retail Price: $349.00
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  • MAPT Drafting  

    Medicaid Asset Protection Trust (MAPT) Drafting Workshop

    By: Brian Albee, JD, Howard Krooks, Esq., CELA, and Michael Amoruso, Esq.

    Recorded at Symposium 2016

    Join us for a half-day of intensive education covering everything from grantor trust rules used when drafting Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts (MAPTs), to crucial design choices you must make when drafting. The class begins with why you would use an irrevocable trust and ends with tips on how to help clients understand the value of this type of trust with lots of law and drafting help in between.

    Length: 4 hours, 48 minutes

     ElderCounsel members: View this course complimentary in the Education Library.

    Member Price: $0.00 Retail Price: $395.00
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  • VA Camp  

    Veterans Pension Planning Immersion Camp (2017)

    By: Michael Smith, Esq. and Doreen Seamon, Esq.

    There are over twenty one million Veterans in the United States and nearly all of them may be eligible for VA Pension benefits. The Veteran’s Administration (VA) offers a monthly cash payment to wartime veterans who meet certain service requirements. These benefits may also go to the spouse of a deceased Veteran.

    If you want to gain the skills and knowledge to help Veterans, this is the place to start. The opportunities for an elder law attorney who provides service to veterans are vast. Attend this program and gain the knowledge and confidence you need to be profitable in this area of law.


    CLE: 10.75 hours

    Member Price: $795.00 Retail Price: $895.00
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  • Medicaid Appeals and Fair Hearings  

    Medicaid Appeals and Fair Hearings (streaming)

    By: Rene H. Reixach, Esq.

    There are a variety of reasons a Medicaid application may be denied including improper funding and incomplete documentation. The Medicaid rules allow applicants the right to a fair hearing in front of the state agency for adverse determination including denial, reduction, or termination in coverage. This session will cover the rules for fair hearings to review adverse Medicaid eligibility decisions and the procedures for conducting fair hearings, as well as how to appeal to state or federal court from an adverse fair hearing decision.
    • The Basis for Fair Hearings
    • Notice Requirements – Contents and Timing
    • Requesting a Fair Hearing
    • Aid Continuing (Aid Paid Pending)
    • Denial or Dismissal
    • Hearing Procedure
    • Decisions
    • Compliance
    • Hearing Tips
    • Appeals to State Court
    • Federal Court Appeals
     CLE: 1.25 hours

    Length: 71 minutes

     ElderCounsel members: View this course complimentary in the Education Library.

    Member Price: $0.00 Retail Price: $95.00
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  • Medicaid Planning  

    Medicaid Planning for Wartime Veterans - The Balancing Act (streaming)

    By: Dawn Weekly, JD

    Elder Law Masters Course Session

    Balancing Medicaid planning with VA pension benefits is never easy, especially when dealing with married couples. With the VA set on changing its eligibility rules, will this get easier, or more difficult? This session will cover how to weigh the benefits of Medicaid vs. VA pension, and how that balancing act may change when we see new VA pension rules.

    Length: 50 minutes

    Member Price: $125.00
    (Member Only Product)

  • Initial Consultation  

    How to Perform the (seemingly) Impossible: The Non-Lawyer Initial Consultation

    By: Steve Riley, JD, Certified Practice Advisor

    One topic that comes up frequently is the concept of the non-lawyer initial consultation. While this may sound like a lofty, nearly impossible goal for many solo practitioners or small-sized firms, Steve has helped attorneys implement this advanced strategy into their elder law practices. As a result, their revenues and closing rates have increased considerably, and their time per file has decreased. Yes you heard correctly, the non-lawyers meet, and get your firm retained by new clients!

    Publicizing your achievements as an attorney to the client can rub people the wrong way. Picture the benefits of your staff expressing all the reasons why you are THE attorney of choice in this area and see how quickly the client hires you.

    In this hour long session, Steve will be covering the basics of implementing this strategy into your elder law practice.

    Length: 65 minutes

     ElderCounsel members: View this course complimentary in the Education Library.

    Member Price: $0.00 Retail Price: $125.00
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  • Fire & Rescue  

    Practice Development Camp - Fire and Rescue School for Your Law Firm (streaming)

    By: Audrey Ehrhardt, JD, Valerie Peterson, JD, Corey Saban, Tom Ahrens, JD, and Sandi Poreda

    We all need to know the strategies that make our law firms as efficient and profitable as they can be. The right tools and resources combined with the strategic knowledge of how to use them can make the difference when it comes to increasing your revenue each quarter.

    Whether we are fire-proofing your law firm against possible adversity or we are jumping into the fray to rescue your practice from the burning flames, this is the course for you. Both new and experienced elder law attorneys will benefit from getting real practice answers they can implement right now.

    Topics Covered:
    • 3 Long Term Care Facilities in 90 Days
    • Websites that Communicate Well
    • Techniques for Leveraging SEO and Social Media
    • Preparation Saves Lives (and law firms too!)
    • Fire! 30 (blog) Topics in 30 Minutes
    • The 5 Best Ways to Start a Wildfire in Your Practice
    • C.O.M.M. Training 
    • Get Out Alive!
    • Strategies for Increasing Your Profitability Now
    • Elder Law in Pictures
    • It's Getting Hot in Here!
    Member Price: $695.00 Retail Price: $795.00
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  • SN Immersion Camp  

    Special Needs Planning Immersion Camp (2016)

    By: Steve Dale, Esq., LLM and Jennifer Steneberg, Esq.

    Steve Dale, Esq., LLM and Jennifer Steneberg, Esq., The Dale Law Firm PC, provide you with legal expertise you need to begin serving disabled individuals in and around your area. In 2015, there were nearly 53 million individuals in the United States living with some sort of disability. This one-and-a-half day course will provide you with the expertise and skill you need to grow your practice in this unique area. Incorporating special needs planning into your practice is very rewarding and opens the door to more profits.


     CLE: 10.75 hours

    Member Price: $695.00 Retail Price: $795.00
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