Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Planning is a growing area of law, and one that we are very committed to.
Whether you are new to the area or an advanced practitioner, we can help!

How we can help:

Education: Recorded Courses:
Free short video on “Benefits Basics,” a great overview of the nuts and bolts of eligibility in the Special Needs Planning area.

Free short video “Can My Special Needs Trust Pay My Rent?” - where & when Special Needs Trusts cover food and shelter.

For attorneys who specialize solely in Special Needs Planning, we have an exciting new offering: Membership in ElderCounsel with access to our Special Needs Planning System!

Testimonial from an Expert in the Field
“If you are an estate planning attorney or an elder law attorney and you are looking to expand your practice, special needs planning is a great area to look to...What ElderCounsel does is give you the knowledge base and the documents to pull all of those areas of practice together so you can make sure you are serving your clients well."

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