Debunking Elder Law Myths with Thomas Hackett

Debunking Myths: What it Really Means to Practice Elder Law

Lori Pulvermacher, MBA and Thomas Hackett, JD


Many attorneys hear the phrase 'elder law' and immediately think it’s for “old people” or that it’s only about qualifying clients for Medicaid. We’d like to dispel those myths. Join us for a 30-minute interview with an experienced practitioner who will share insights on what it means to practice elder law, and why this is the most rewarding practice area you can choose. Further, you will learn why elder law planning is a natural progression for your clients and your business.

We encourage you to reach out to ElderCounsel if you are seeking new ways of building your elder law practice, developing new referral sources or for educational support.  If you have any questions on how we can partner with you in this regard please schedule a brief consultation, call us at (888) 789-9908, or email us at

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