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Deciding to become an elder law or special needs planning attorney is only the beginning. For most the desire to help people, "doing good", is one of the main reasons for entering these niche areas. “Doing good,” however, is only part of the equation. If it takes precedence over earning a sustainable income, the result will be long hours, stress over paying bills and less time spent with family. This begs the question – “How can you really help people and maintain a thriving practice that grows revenue year after year?”

Good question.
Do you have an existing elder law practice, that you have put your heart and soul into, but it just isn’t yielding the results you need to meet your goals or build a legacy? Still putting in long hours but not seeing a continued increase in profitability? This leads to a very different but equally important question – “What changes need to be made to see an increase in annual profitability and a reduction in stress and man-hours?”

We recognize that each attorney has very unique needs and goals. With new marketing content added on a monthly basis, we empower you to achieve the practice growth you’re working towards. To learn more about this Practice Enhancement Program membership benefit and how ElderCounsel can help you reach your goals, schedule a 1-on-1 consultation.

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Marketing Tools


Bi-monthly Newsletters for Referral Sources Together With Years of Previous Newsletters to Customize and Use Going Forward in Your Practice


Sample PowerPoint Presentations

On-Demand Education

Access to Hours of Recordings on What Other Members Are Doing to Increase Revenue

Digital Content

New content added on a monthly basis for blog posts, website and social media use.


ElderCounsel’s Practice Enhancement Program provides:

  • Customized Marketing and Referral Network Development complete with scripts, PowerPoint presentation series, and seminar ideas you can implement now or customize for your own elder law practice
  • Hiring and Staffing Protocols and Best Practice Tips
  • New marketing content added on a monthly basis such as blogs, speaking packages and website content-the content is yours to use however you wish.
  • Exclusive access to the PEP Marketplace where you can customize and purchase marketing material like business cards, brochures, holiday and thank you cards and more.
  • Practice guides and forms separated into subject matter areas so you can more easily find what you are looking for.
  • PEP Talks – a 30-minute “Practice Booster” offered twice monthly


At ElderCounsel, Member Value is a Core Value: By being responsive, relevant and delivering value to member attorneys, we provide tools and systems so ElderCounsel's members create stable, efficient and rewarding businesses as well as long-term relationships.

Attorneys nationwide, not just ElderCounsel members, told us they needed help taking their practice to the next level. We heard you. We know there isn’t one “right” way to run a successful practice, from administering your practice, and designing client interaction models to marketing your story. We developed a customized program to take your practice to new heights: ElderCounsel’s Practice Enhancement Program.

“After thirty years of practice, this program has jumpstarted my career. My bottom line continues to increase because of the confidence I have gained from learning to use the right tool at the right time. I did not have to recreate the wheel; just rework the tools for my office. Now I get to do what I have always wanted to do but never did before!”