Listserv FAQs

How to Access the Archives?

  • The Listserv archives are an ElderCounsel member benefit. If you are an ElderCounsel member, select the Listserv Archives link under the Listservs navigational category.

How to Post a Message?

How to Create Outlook Rules?

  • Instructions on how to create an Outlook rule to move listserv messages out of your inbox.

How to Manage Your Subscription Status?

  • Four options are available for you to subscribe/unsubscribe to the listservs. These options can be set for you by the Support department. Send an email to with your request.

    • Subscribed Digest – You will receive digest messages at the end of the business day. A digest message starts with the Table of Contents - the list of the messages posted, followed by the posted messages themselves.

    • Subscribed Regular - You are subscribed to the list and will receive each email that is posted.

    • Not Subscribed – You are not subscribed to the list.

    • Suspend – You can request to suspend the emails for the time being. To start receiving the listserv emails again you must request to be re subscribed.

How to Update Your Listserv Email Address?

  • Contact Provide us with your old email address, new email address, and groups you are subscribed to.