Final Friday Update: 30 Days in 30 Minutes

Friday, February 22, 2019, 12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m., ET

Join ElderCounsel for a 30-minute review each month of important news updates in the areas of Medicaid planning, special needs planning and veterans pension planning from across the country.

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Agenda for Friday, February 22:
  1. PLR 201901005 - Spouse Not Taxed on IRA Distribution
  2. Fees for Court-Appointed Guardian Attorney must be paid by state, not nursing home
  3. No duty of care to estate owed by personal representative’s attorney
  4. State can recover from estate, even if decedent was improperly on Medicaid
  5. Personal representative not personally liable for nursing home bills because she cooperated in Medicaid process
  6. Claim against HUD exists for spouse of deceased reverse mortgage borrower
  7. SCOTUS to hear case involving whether states can tax trusts because of in-state beneficiaries
  8. White House is reportedly preparing a final rule reversing mandatory arbitration clauses in nursing home contracts
  9. The number of older Americans embracing technology continues to rise
  10. Proposed federal legislation
    • Raise the Wage Act
    • Social Security Fairness Act of 2019
    • Disability Integration Act of 2019
    • Dueling Death Tax Legislation
    • Death Tax Repeal Act of 2019
    • Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act

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