Financial Services: Conflict of Interest (and Sins of Commission) (Member Benefit Presentation)

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Presented by: Maureen Callahan Ward, JD, Ward Law Offices, PLLC

What is the main reason so many attorneys hesitate to directly provide financial products in their practices, particularly when products are closely related to their area of practice? They may fear upsetting a referral source or they may even believe it’s too time consuming or complicated to provide, rather than refer, the sale of financial products. But most often it’s neither. It’s that loaded word, “commission” and the images it conjures up, the ultimate conflict of interest that makes them shudder with indignation at the very thought of donning the hat of a commissioned sales person.
Maureen Ward, Elder Law Attorney and Certified Financial Planner, will walk us through how to handle this conflict of interest (and no, there’s no denying that it is one) in much the same way we handle similar conflicts every day in our practices.

Topics Include: 
  1. How all commerce carries an inevitable conflict of interest
  2. Ways in which your elder law clients may be better served if your firm directly offers financial products
  3. Demystifying the process of financial product licensing and understanding products related to the practice of elder law
  4. Perspective of a salesperson-turned attorney
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