The Perfect Business Storm: Bridging the Generation Gap- Part 2 (PEP Talk)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We have to face the facts—technology and the generation communication gap have rapidly changed all aspects of conducting all types of businesses, including law firms. 
The younger workforce of “TechGens” instantly grasp new technological applications. The problem is that 20% of these employees change companies every 16-24 months!  A business must have a stable 5-year plan team to succeed. 
In Part 2 of The Perfect Business Storm, Andy Gateriewictz, Co-founder of YZGenerations, continues discussing the business climate change we are experiencing today and gives you tips on what you can do to get through The Perfect Business Storm. He’ll cover how to put a plan in place to reduce or eliminate the turnover rate of TechGen and set your 5-year team up for success.
Topics addressed:
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