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  • March 4, 2015

    March 4, 2015   Member Services

    ElderDocx® and Apple

    By Joshua Easters

    Recently, we have seen a much larger percentage of our members start to use Apple products as tools within their firms.  As Apple computers have become more capable of handling tasks in the workplace, many users have moved to Apple for some of the benefits their products offer. HotDocs, which is a key component to our ElderDocx® system, does not natively run on Macs or other Apple products. So, we've discovered alternative methods for using our software with Apple products.   The first of two options we offer is to run Windows on your Mac in a VM environment. This allows you to run the ElderDocx software directly within Windows on your Mac. We have both ElderCounsel staff members and ElderCounsel member firms who use our software in this environment, and it works great i... Read More