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  • January 8, 2014

    January 8, 2014   Employee Blogs

    The New Year…A Time to Look Back and a Time to Look Forward

    By Melissa Johnson

    December and January are the months during the year that I tend to do my personal housekeeping. I look back to achievements I made, areas that I want to improve upon, the blessings that have occurred and the hardships that were endured in the eleven months prior. I tend to think that I wasn’t very successful or as productive as I could have been. Did I do everything that I wanted to do? Or did I do everything I should have done? It is hard to remember as time seems to pass more quickly each year.   This year I seemed to be a bit tougher on myself than I normal. Then, I pulled out my iPhone and started scrolling through images. I still haven’t figured out how to move photos from my phone to my computer, so needless to say I had a year in photos already built for me!  ... Read More


  • January 6, 2014

    January 6, 2014   Just for Fun,   Employee Blogs

    Build a Stronger Immune System and Avoid Being Sick

    By Linda St. John

    Winter is a fun time of year with many different holidays and family gatherings but it is also the time of year for colds, flus, and many other ailments that don’t seem to be as prevalent in the warmer months.   How do we strengthen our immune systems so we can enjoy more and sneeze less?   The most common factors shown to support health from both nutritional websites and doctors are diet, sleep and of course, exercise. Eating a healthy diet rich in greens such as kale, spinach, celery and broccoli, (these support your liver and immune function, increasing your liver’s ability to flush out toxins), getting solid, quality sleep of 7-9 hours a night, and regular exercise will make your immune system stronger.   In speaking to a Naturopathic Practitioner I was told... Read More


  • December 31, 2013

    December 31, 2013   Employee Blogs

    Benefits of SEO for Your Elder Law Practice Website

    By John Shickich

    As an elder law attorney, you definitely want a large client base. To attract more clients, there is no better place than the internet. You can create a website and fill it with interesting articles to promote your services. The more visitors to your website, the better your website will be. This is because your chance to reach new clients will be greater. However, to attract a lot of traffic to your website, there are several actions that need to be taken. If you run a website to support your business, you will need search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the visibility of your site in search engine results. When your website has a high ranking in search results, then your website will have a greater ability to attract more visitors. Several types of searches that became the tar... Read More


  • December 16, 2013

    December 16, 2013   Employee Blogs

    ‘Tis The Season…For Giving, Sharing or Buying?

    By Melanie Smith

    Tis the season to be jolly!  What is the true meaning of the “Christmas Spirit”?   As a child my parents always seemed to give me anything and everything I asked for on Christmas morning.  I think most people would consider that as being spoiled.  As I grew older, the presents each year seem to be more lavish and more expensive than the last.  During my teenage years, the gifts were over the top and as everyone already knows, teenagers are ultra-expensive!  I soon left the comforts of home and broke away from my parents and got married.  Do you think that stopped the gifts from rolling in on Christmas morning?  No it didn’t, as my husband continued the tradition and showered me each year with wonderful gifts.  After bring... Read More


  • December 11, 2013

    December 11, 2013   Employee Blogs

    A Lot of Baking...and a Little Bit of Law Too

    By Audrey Ehrhardt

    The day after Thanksgiving begins our family’s holiday traditions.  Together, we watch a lot of football, spend time with friends, visit the local living museum to see the animals, search for the right tree and make sandwiches with turkey leftovers.   There’s a lot of chaos in getting everything done and a lot of fun too. This same weekend I start my personal holiday tradition.  Each year, I develop a new cookie recipe to add to my collection.  It will accompany all the gifts I give out for the holidays and serve as my hostess gift for the next year.   I started baking as a child under the tutelage of my very southern grandmother.  Her passion for cooking was unparalleled in our family, and the best lessons were always during the holidays, b... Read More


  • November 25, 2013

    November 25, 2013   Employee Blogs

    Tips for Editing ElderDocx in Microsoft Word

    By Nina Rosson

    Despite its name, the WealthCounsel toolbar for Microsoft Word is also used by ElderCounsel for ElderDocx documents.  Whether you want to update your table of contents, make changes to an assembled document or create a new document with the same look and feel as your ElderDocx documents, the toolbar can make your job easier.   In Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 and 2013 the toolbar is on the Word Ribbon, as shown to the right.  In Word 2003, the toolbar is included as an Add-in.  This blog will refer to the “WealthCounsel” tab on the Ribbon, but the same functions are available in both formats.  Updating the table of contentsIf you make changes to your ElderDocx document after it is assembled, you may find that some of the article or section headings have s... Read More


  • November 18, 2013

    November 18, 2013   Practice Building Ideas,   Employee Blogs

    Intake Form vs. Design Sheets: Are You Using Them?

    By Lisa Evans

    ElderCounsel provides several resources for the attorney or paralegal to use when collecting data FROM the client or FOR a client.  I would like to tell you about them. WHEN WOULD YOU USE THESE FORMS?The INTAKE FORM (also called a client questionnaire) is great to use when you are having your first meeting with a client to give you a complete overview of the situation.  Some attorneys fill this out prior to the first appointment, while others complete this immediately afterwards.  The DESIGN SHEETS are great after you’ve been hired and you need to design a client’s plan.  You can complete the design sheets, then hand these off to a staff person to draft the documents for your review. This tool provides you the opportunity to simplify and streamline your draf... Read More


  • November 6, 2013

    November 6, 2013   Employee Blogs

    How To Create a Delight-Filled Practice

    By Alisa Spirit of the Wind

    de·light  - /diˈlīt/ verb 1. please (someone) greatly. ex. "an experience guaranteed to delight both young and old"   Noun 1. great pleasure. ex. "she took great delight in telling your story"  As an elder law or special needs attorney, there are many tough issues that you are helping your clients to address. Often there may be a sense of stress related to finances, health or family dynamics. Another term for attorney is “counselor” and this is the role you often find yourself in. So how do you counsel your clients without being weighed down by their burdens?  Humans are incredibly compassionate. Biologically, our responses are geared toward mirroring those closest to us, as this is a way of building familial and community bo... Read More


  • November 4, 2013

    November 4, 2013   Employee Blogs

    How to Fix Computer Problems in 3 Easy Steps (An Attempt at Humor)

    By Brian Albee

    Step 1.  Try to fix it yourself If this step works, stop here.  Congratulations.  But frequently it doesn't work, and becomes known as the why-the-[expletive deleted]-did-I-think-I-could-fix-this-myself step.  We're all guilty of it because we think the solution is behind the next mouse click.  We just keep searching until we realize we don't know where else to look. And then some of us will take the extra step of trying the same thing a second or third time expecting a different result.  There's a word for that, but let's not go there.  (Actually, this sometimes works.) If you couldn't fix it yourself, go to step 2. Step 2.  Call tech support As a general rule, the amount of time it takes a support rep to solve your issue i... Read More


  • October 23, 2013

    October 23, 2013   Employee Blogs

    Thoughts from 14,000 Feet: What Climbing a Mountain Taught Me About Entering Elder Law

    By Aylin Guven

    Many of ElderCounsel’s member attorneys are new to elder law.  They are family or real estate law attorneys in transition or estate planners looking to grow their elder law business.  They join the hundreds of ElderCounsel (EC) members who are more “seasoned” in elder law, attorneys who have been practicing for years and have established elder law practices.  These attorneys join EC for the tools and resources we provide that enable them to succeed in their elder law practice and thrive.  While I’ve had the opportunity to talk with many of our transitioning or new to elder law attorneys, a recent experience I had really allowed me to step into their shoes.   In August I climbed one of Colorado’s many “14-ers,” Pikes Pe... Read More