About Us

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What started in 2007 with a simple partnership between WealthCounsel and four nationally recognized elder law and special needs attorneys, has now grown into what you see today: the premier nationwide member services support organization focusing on elder law and special needs.

Attorneys Michael Amoruso, Howard Krooks, Lou Pierro and Vincent Russo collectively visioned to pair a second-to-none document assembly system with high quality education for member attorneys. Their vision created ElderCounsel. This partnership formed with WealthCounsel has allowed ElderCounsel to build on a tremendous document assembly system platform, while adding the expertise of Michael, Howie, Lou and Vincent to create elder law and special needs planning documents that make up ElderDocx®.

At ElderCounsel we offer more than document drafting software. We give law firms the personal attention they deserve, with all of the education, training and support they need to nurture and grow a successful elder law practice.

We help our members retain existing clients and attract new ones all while ensuring that they stay up-to-date with the latest case laws and documents needed.

We know serving older adults, persons with disabilities and wartime Veterans is not only an honor, but it is very rewarding for attorneys. Our passion is to help each attorney better serve their clients, and to make them successful business owners.

We have a National Advisory Board comprised of experts in the field, nationwide, to assist us in our mission. This team also includes state advisory boards of our members who help keep state-specific information in our documents current, beta test our software, and help us provide education and support to our membership.